Blog Highlights

Don’t miss out on all the wonderful articles we posted on our past blogs! Here are just a sampling of the highlights. To taste an even larger smorgasbord of delightful treats, read the entire month’s posts on each topic by clicking on the ARCHIVES link at the right hand column of our blog for each month’s date:

April 2008: Critique Groups

April 11: Cluck, Cluck! Critique Chicken by Sheryl Ann Crawford
April 18: Wordsmiths–the Wind in My Sail by Veronica Walsh

May 2008: Children’s Magazines
May 19: Rebus by Catherine L. Osornio
May 27: Don’t Give Up the Ship! by Shirley Shibley

June 2008: Self-Editing
June 13: Taking a Fresh Look by Veronica Walsh
June 23: Be Like a Barber and Snip! by Nancy I. Sanders

July 2008: Goals
July 24: Inspirational Quotes by Gloria Stockstill
July 31: One Path to Achieving GOALS by Marjorie Flathers

August 2008: Story Starters
August 1: Looking Around Us by Sheryl Ann Crawford
August 5: Vroom! Vroom! by Shirley Shibley

September 2008: Middle Grade Novels
September 23: Secondary Characters by Marilyn Donahue
September 29: Finding Their Voices by Nancy I. Sanders

October 2008: The Writer’s Workspace
October 7: Workspace Blues by Marilyn Donahue
October 23: Writing…and Ironing??? by Marjorie Flathers

November 2008: Nonfiction
November 17: Doable Research by Catherine L. Osornio
November 27: How Nonfiction Started My Career by Gloria Stockstill