The Easy Stuff

Since I get to kick off the month of self-editing strategies, I’m going to confess my first step in editing a manuscript. Since I have a nasty habit of redundancy, I look for those repeated words. I always find some! Then I check sentence beginnings for repeats. From there I go to paragraph beginnings. What a surprise to see how unoriginal I am. From there it’s a long list of what to watch for. Of course, the age you are writing for makes a difference in your editing and style of your manuscript. Dialogue is important, and there again my old habits show up in rubber stamp characters who tend to all sound alike, and unhappily, like me. Sometimes an emphasis on character traits and dialogue to establish the voice differences helps, then I can go back and fine tune.

So many other things to check when we edit, but I’ll let the others h


One response to “The Easy Stuff

  1. You totally need the AutoCrit Editing Wizard! It automatically finds all the things you mentioned. The Editing Wizard will definitely save you time 🙂

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