A Most Unusual Workspace

What is your writing workspace like? It is all you’ve ever wanted, or is it a cramped workspace in the corner of an already crowded den or family room? Perhaps it’s the kitchen table or a small desk in your bedroom. If you are a Christian and God has called you to write, even if your workspace doesn’t seem “ideal”—He will provide the workspace that’s HE knows is right for you. In my case He chose a most unusual and unexpected first workspace…a Sealy Posturepedic. My bed.

In the early 1990’s I was bedridden with a mysterious illness. The pain was excruciating at times. My cognitive abilities were impaired as I went in and out of a mental fog. For seven weeks I was for the most part, bedridden. The exhaustion was overwhelming. My parents graciously cared for our two young sons during the day until my husband came home… while I made a major dent in our mattress.

It was during that time that I felt an intimacy with God unlike I had ever experienced. I read the Psalms for comfort and spiritual strength. Thoughts of how God had comforted me throughout my life filled me with an overwhelming passion to write a book…a book on the Psalms for children. Was this mental fog clouding my judgment? I had never written a book before. Was I crazy? Write a book from bed?

My writing supplies consisted of pens, legal pads, and every version of the Bible my family could spread out over the covers—my “desk”.  I pulled myself up, leaned against pillows, and wrote my first book from the workspace that God had chosen for me. Alone in that quiet room, I heard that still small voice in my heart urging me to write.

Dear Christian writer, is your writing workspace less than ideal? If it is, do not be discouraged. Is it the kitchen table? A little corner in your dining or living room? Is it your bedroom, or even your bed? No matter. If He has called you to write…you will!

Today, I have my own office. I have a comfortable chair, a good computer, a large window, a nice desk, file cabinets, stuffed bookshelves, and a paper tiger! It’s a blessing to have this office, but I have to say that my first workspace holds the dearest memories…and as I look up at a framed book cover of Psalms for a Child’s Heart on my office wall, I’m reminded why.
Sheryl Crawford


5 responses to “A Most Unusual Workspace

  1. Sherri, it is so true. The type of workspace doesn’t make or break us as writers. It’s our determination to write, no matter what!


  2. Shirley Shibley

    Many children and their parents have been blessed by your determination to use the work space God gave you at that time and place! He will bless you in turn for that.


  3. When life gave you lemons, Sherri, you certainly knew how to make lemonade!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing how this first workspace inspired you to write your book!
    Tina Cho

  5. I just found this blog while searching for local writing groups. Thanks so much for this post. It’s such an encouragement to me as I’m in a time of transition. My writing space is less than an ideal…for sure. I appreciate the encouragement.

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