One Stop Shopping

My writing workplace has become the one-stop-shopping place for the whole family, especially since it houses my main computer. My husband sits down to peruse ebay for discounts on tools, my daughters sit down to do homework or to check out the latest Barbie fashions, and then my sons will either create their own graphic designs using the paint program, or they will play computer games. It’s sad, but I sometimes have to wait to get access to my own desk.

My desk, because of or in spite of this busy-ness, is now messy. It needs a whole new makeover. It is littered with graduation invites, stacks of file waiting to find a home, letters I need to read over again, and a box that needs to be shipped out.

My excuse: I don’t want to admit my own laziness, so I’ll blame it on my one-stop-shoppers. I can’t get enough time at my workplace to keep it neat.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


2 responses to “One Stop Shopping

  1. Catherine, you hit a nerve with me. Even though I have an empty nest now, it seems that so many things unrelated to my writing end up in my writing space. Sigh


  2. Shirley Shibley

    Well, Catherine, you have been able to accomplish quite a lot with all the “shoppers” at your mini-mall. You are probably super-dedicated to your work when they let you use the space.


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