I’m Mortified!

When visitors come to my home I never invite them into my computer room. What–and have them see my floor to ceiling mess? Never!

Then I had computer problems and had to have my friend/tech genius come into the forbidden zone. She never said a word about the table crammed with market books, guidelines, sample copies of magazines, various Bible translations and other study books for Bible studies. Or the corner bookcase stuffed with painting books and other supplies for the tole painting I no longer do. Or the desk against the wall that holds pictures, maps, old receipts, and whose top serves as a bookcase for favorite books, including Wordsmith authors. Another corner for writing books and a cabinet for copy paper, manila folders and ink cartridges.

Wait–we haven’t even come to my computer desk. That’s opposite the door and the first thing you see when you come in the room. Well, the word “see” can be taken loosely. With all the sticky notes marching up each available wood, open shelves with folders, writing tips, some encouraging notes from writer friends, books on grammar, other necessities for writing, and reminders of who knows what–who can see my computer? At least the screen and keyboard are available for use.

I didn’t mention my supplies for scrapbooking, did I? Some of that is in cases, some is in a large box where it has sat for three years at least. Don’t ask me how often I do scrapbooking. But at least it’s available for when I want to, and can drag myself away from my true love-writing.

I don’t think this was what the group had in mind when they said to write about our writing workplace. I guess you might say this is the bad example. However, it’s a great improvement over how it looked before I got organized!



3 responses to “I’m Mortified!

  1. Margaret Albertson

    I’ve been there too!

  2. Shirley, I LOVE YOU! You make me feel like I’m not alone in “Clutterville”. Some day I hope to get it all sorted out . . . someday.


  3. This sounds like a very creative environment!

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