Sensory Detail for the Very Young

Sensory detail for the very young child can be presented simply in a board book or a magazine.  I had a poem published years ago in BabyBug (for infants and toddlers.)  Green Grass was only 23 words and believe it or not, it took me a while to write!  I had to remember what it felt like to play in the grass! This simple little piece was about a young child (age 2-3) experiencing the joys of sitting, playing with, and rolling in the grass.

Here’s my try at the topic of WATER.  I wonder if this would help a little one “experience” some aspects of water?


Drip, drop! Plink, plink!
Water dripping in my sink.

Splish, splash! Splish, splash!
Water sloshing in my bath.

Spraaay! Spraaay! I run and play,
through sprinklers on a sunny day.

Foaming, tickling, waves that reach
my two feet on a sandy beach.

Rap-a-tap-tap! Rap-a-tap-tap!
Water hitting my rain cap.

Sip, sluuuurp, from my cup.
Good, cool water. I drink it up!

I’m working on one about WIND because it’s good practice! Whooooosh has got to be in there somewhere (o;
c 2010  Sheryl Crawford

4 responses to “Sensory Detail for the Very Young

  1. Intriguing. Thanks.


  2. Sherri, what a precious poem about water! Are you going to submit it somewhere, too? -Nancy

  3. Shirley Shibley

    Lovely, Sherri. Now write that one on the wind.



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