Let Your Words Do the Talking

I have always been surrounded by stories, either read to me from an early age, or told to me by relatives describing days long gone. Words drew me, not because they were randomly thrown together in some dismal array, but because they were used to describe events and places that I was not able to see for myself.

When I was able to read on my own, I chose books that used such sensory detail to draw me into the pages. Each story took shape inside my mind, becoming vivid in sight, sound and taste. I crept along dark corridors with Nancy Drew; I fished with Huck Finn along the mighty Mississippi; I got caught in a creaky dumbwaiter with Harriet the Spy; and I ate scrumptious doughnuts with Almanzo Wilder on his family farm in Farmer Boy.

As a writer, I want my readers to be drawn by my words so that they, too, can enter into the realm of imagination and see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, and taste what I taste. I choose my words carefully so that my images can become alive for them.

How do I accomplish this? I create the scenes in my head, and then translate that onto the page. It takes practice, but once you master this technique, your writing will be more appealing and realistic. Give it a try. See if you can let your words do the talking.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


2 responses to “Let Your Words Do the Talking

  1. Shirley Shibley

    I like this, Catherine–let our words do the talking!


  2. Catherine,
    Your writing is very vivid for me. I always feel like I’m right there peeking over the shoulders of your characters. You have learned well from the master writers.

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