Tuna Fish and Chocolate—What?

I’m trying something new. I’ve decided to keep a sensory detail journal—a small notebook with lots of blank pages! No stress. Just a fun way to practice sensory detail writing, and a great writing exercise.  For some reason my mind occasionally likes to think in rhyme. That’s how I’ve written my first two entries.

So, the other day I opened a can of tuna. The smell of tuna fish gets to me, but after I mix it together will all the good stuff, I enjoy a tuna sandwich.  I wrote about tuna in my journal.  It’s not profound. How profound can tuna be?

The pungent stench of tuna fish
assaults my sense of smell.
It saturates my sinuses
now stagnant, putrid wells.

Oh, wafting trail of rottenness.
You oily fish-foul-scent.
My kitchen fan escorts you out.
Whoooosh! There you went!

After the tuna incident, I allowed myself  (deservedly so) to linger over a piece of dark chocolate.  I wrote another silly rhyme in my journal. It’s not profound either–but chocolate IS!

I finger the delicate square with care.
There’s a reverence in the room.
This dark, mysterious morsel
is about to chase away my gloom.

It coats my mouth with happiness,
this slick and velvety gem.
I cannot speak—just umm, umm,
The world is right, again.

Silly, huh? But it was fun!

Try keeping a sensory journal.  You don’t need to write a novel and you certainly don’t need to write in rhyme—I just can’t help it!

Hmm. I’m thinking of writing about chocolate again. Perhaps today. You know what that means (o;



5 responses to “Tuna Fish and Chocolate—What?

  1. Sherri, GREAT!!! Such a good idea about writing sensory detail down. I’ll have to get my notebook out!!!


  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I also need to go buy some chocolate!

  3. Marjorie Flathers

    VERY clever, Sherri! So cute and yet so practical. And remember, dark chocolate is now a health food 🙂


  4. Sherri! What a fun way to keep your creative juices running. Great idea!

  5. Sherri, I could just feel that silky chocolate melting in my mouth! It’s an image worth remembering.

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