Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
but unto thy name give glory.
-Psalm 115:1, KJV

Feel the wind beneath our sails when God calls us to write for His purposes! And the reason we write? Not for our fame, not for our honor, but for the name of Jesus Christ to be praised!

Dear Lord, please help us keep our purpose for writing solely focused on our goal to bring glory to your name. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

-photo of San Francisco Bay, CA, by Nancy I. Sanders from her inspirational photoblog, Scribes


4 responses to “Glory!

  1. shirleyshibley

    I love that–wind beneath our sails! As one who had a longing to sail a boat and feel the wind as it filled the sails and carried the boat, I can certainly relate that to writing. I did accomplish that longing (like the white water rafting trip was another) and had a dinky sailboat for a time. I soon discovered heading straight ahead didn’t work, I had to tack. Sometimes we have to do that in writing, too.


  2. Thanks Nancy for this beautiful image and reminder. Shirley’s comment is a nice addition too.


  3. Thanks, gals, for your precious comments! -Nancy

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