Heaven Sent

When I realized that God was calling me to write, I asked Him to provide not only the ideas, but the opportunities. My first opportunity to get published came in 2003 when I saw an announcement in our church bulletin. The women’s ministry was going to start their own newsletter, and they were looking for women from our church, who were interested in contributing articles, recipes, etc.

I prayed, submitted not only a short article, but a comic strip as well, and my contributions were accepted! I was sooo excited. The newsletter didn’t pay anything, but not only was I helping to inspire the ladies of my church, but I was establishing some publishing credits. I have since been published in every quarterly issue, which has helped hone my writing skills.

And even though this was no-pay, it provided the open door to meet my friend and mentor, Nancy Sanders, who has helped my writing career blossom.

Never look down at a no-pay writing opportunity, especially when it is heaven sent. You never know what plans God has for you through them!

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


One response to “Heaven Sent

  1. This is so true, Catherine, and the proof is really in this pudding! Now we see your heaven sent career.


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