Five Reasons To Consider No Pay/Low Pay Projects

Here are five reasons to consider no pay/low pay assignments.

1. You are honing your craft. It may take a while to get that book published. While you wait for the email or letter informing you it is accepted, you are continuing to write.

2. You create a presence. Keeping your name “out there” may open up a door in the future.

3. Editors read more than submissions. Who knows when some article you have written for a low pay magazine might be read by an editor who is looking for just your style of writing and will contact you. Stranger things have happened!

4. Good deeds are remembered. Let’s say you write for a low-pay, no-pay market semi-regularly. If the editor of the publication is asked to refer someone, do you think your name might come to mind? Usually, helping others will come back to you.

5. Although you won’t get rich on low-pay markets, it may just help pay for ink, paper, subscriptions, etc.. These things are necessary and somewhat expensive when you total everything up. A few low-pay checks will help alleviate some of the financial burden.

While some writers say they deserve to be paid well for everything they write, I think no pay/low pay projects that help a new magazine or e-zine get started are a nice way of paying back for all the help others gave you.

Each writer must determine for themselves whether they will involve themselves in no pay/low pay projects. I think it is worth considering.

No pay/low pay advocate, Gloria



2 responses to “Five Reasons To Consider No Pay/Low Pay Projects

  1. Excellent reasons for these markets, Gloria. You hit it right on!


  2. Shirley, you do such a great job in this area. You should do a workshop!!!


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