Forget the Payment

Part of our ministry as writers for the Lord is writing for the no-pay, low-pay markets. There is one in particular that I’m fond of, called Prayer Works. This is a publication by a company in Oregon printed specifically for people in retirement homes. My husband began a church service at a local retirement center 15 or so years ago, and though he’s with Jesus, and my church’s current pastor is now preaching there, I continue to go every week to the services before going to my own church. The publishing company sends me enough free copies to hand out to each person at the service. They love these and look forward to receiving them each week. Many say they keep all their old copies. The pamphlets are small and simple, asking for prayers for various people which is great to remind the ones of higher age they are still useful for God’s work. They also print a joke, plus a poem or devotional type of message on the front page. I sent them a few things which they published at no pay which is fine with me. Some they haven’t published, but that is certainly their choice.

Try this market with the thought that you might be encouraging people that sometimes feel helpless and discouraged. Even to bring a smile.

Wonderful payment, after all!



2 responses to “Forget the Payment

  1. Shirley, your love and concern for others comes through in your willingness to help by writing for free.


  2. What a nice reminder Shirley, that our writing can bring better payment and blessings from people! I hope you’re doing well!

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