God and Me

No day feels right without a special time alone with God. First a “good morning” prayer of thanksgiving for the restful night of sweet sleep and a day ahead that I commit to Him for His perfect will to be done in it. Of course I hold others up in prayer who have special needs, too. While eating breakfast I read a short devotion by Beth Moore from her “Praying God’s Word, Day by Day,” then a section of the Bible of whatever book I am going through. I seem to get more out of the Word doing it this way than the Bible in a Year that just takes short chunks from the Old and then the New Testament.

After my morning chores and my mile walk during which I pray and praise Him I sit down at my computer and pray again for my writing time. I usually open to the book of Psalms to get a special blessing by something He might want to say to me, and praise Him with a praise Psalm. Then, and only then am I ready to write.

This might seem too static and not spontaneous enough, but it works for me. I feel strengthened spiritually and as I wait for God’s Holy Spirit to put the words He wants me to write in my thoughts and out through my fingers He never fails to start my engine and drive me to His destination for the day.

My writing time usually flies by, and I can give thanks by the end of my day for accomplishments, big and small.

How blessed I am to be His scribe!

Shirley Shibley


One response to “God and Me

  1. Thanks, Shirley, for this. I do the same things! And I agree with you that I like reading a chapter from my Bible and soaking it all in rather than aimlessly, hurriedly, trying to read thru the Bible in a year.

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