An Invitation to the Dance

Do you have cherished memories of dancing with your loved one? Can you feel the closeness, the sweet companionship, and the joy?

Dancing with the Stars is a very popular show these days, attesting to the deep emotion dancing brings. Or, as in this case, watching others dance.

Have you ever danced with God? Have you ever turned on your favorite worship CD, reached your arms up toward heaven, and danced with Jesus?

If we enjoy dancing with our loved one, how much more precious of a time can we have dancing with our Beloved!

A regular routine in my day as God’s scribe is to stop and take a one hour lunch break. After a morning of working on deadlines, answering e-mails, and planning marketing strategies, lunch is a welcome break. I include it on my to-do list for each day. But along with eating lunch, I also write down on my to-do list a time for daily worship and praise.

After I eat, I grab my favorite worship CD and turn it on. Then I dance with Jesus and worship and praise His name.

Most of the time, when I start out, I don’t FEEL like dancing. But as I start to dance, something wonderful begins to happen. My writer’s soul is refreshed. I am renewed. All the challenges and stress and worries of my morning are washed away and replaced with a deep, deep peace. I experience the Scripture, “Then wonderful times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord, and He will send Jesus your Messiah to you.” -Acts 3:20, NLT

I invite you to join in the dance. Each day in the new year ahead, add a time of worship and dance to your writing schedule. Your life will never be the same!

-contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


3 responses to “An Invitation to the Dance

  1. Hurray for dancing! And letting every act and movement praise Him!

  2. Shirley Shibley

    How wonderful to be able to worship in so many different ways! I know God enjoys your dancing as much as you do. There are some worship songs especially, that call out for us to sing and shout and dance. Others to sit quietly and visualize ourselves at the feet of Jesus. May I have the next dance?

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