For the Journey

I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you
Phillipians 1:3

Some of the best gifts I have received have been cards, notes and letters that come via snail mail. It’s a nice surprise when a handwritten envelope quietly announces its arrival among the bills and junk mail screaming for my attention.

I like to keep letters and notes. Some end up as bookmarks and inevitably get stashed away between books and in drawers. Eventually I come across one these small treasures which stirs up pleasant thoughts and memories of the sender. 

I also have a handful of Christmas cards that I have kept over the years. Again, what’s special about these cards are the personal notes of news and inquiry. Some of these folks I see regularly, some I’ve lost touch with, and others have passed away. Reading their notes always makes me feel close to them and becomes a prayerful moment.

There are so many ways to give the written word as a gift. E-mail and other ways to send messages instantly are important and useful tools, but nothing beats that special feeling of warmth and excitement I get when I receive a hand-written note. It is a small gift of time and thoughtfulness that goes a long way.

Is there someone on your mind who would enjoy your hello, today?

contributed by Veronica Walsh


One response to “For the Journey

  1. I’m so glad to read your reminder of this special gift we can easily give to those who are hurting or simply missed. I have several that I like to send simple notes to, and they always thank me. I never feel I have done enough, though, and often neglect to follow through when I have good intentions. Your telling of your own appreciation should get me on the ball! Thanks, Shirley

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