Critique Groups And Perspective

When you join a critique group you must realize you are joining a group with varied perspectives. Since that is true, each one of the group that critiques your work will see it in a different light. While you may not always agree with what a member suggests, be gracious and accept their critique. They are looking at your work from their frame of reference.

Although you are gracious in accepting the critiques of those in the group, you must always be true to yourself. Remember, your work is being written from YOUR perspective. If a member suggests something that doesn’t “feel right” to you, you must evaluate the suggestion and go with your gut instinct about making a change.

That said, a good critique member is willing to consider the possibility that what a critique member has suggested will improve their manuscript. Don’t fall in love with your own words so much that you are not willing to consider that a member might have a better way of saying something.

You must trust your critique group to have your best interest at heart. If you don’t, perhaps you are in the wrong group!

Thankful for the perspectives of all my critique members, Gloria


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