Here’s Love

What a blessed gift we have, to write to help others. It can be through a personal testimony how God delivered us from heavy burdens, or just a cheery paragraph that can bring sunshine to a gloomy day.

Maybe a Christian sister or brother thinks they have no more ministries and we can encourage them that God always has something more for us to do.

A gift could come through a short devotion in a church newsletter, or a book of Bible studies. In the same way we look for opportunities to give an uplifting word or smile to people, even strangers crossing our path, we can look for opportunities to write those uplifting words to give a smile to a hurting heart, especially.

Just like with Jesus, writing can be a gift that keeps on giving.



5 responses to “Here’s Love

  1. How rewarding it is to hear from someone that our words have made a difference in their lives. It makes opening that vein worthwhile.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thanks, Shirley for this reminder today and yesterday at our mtg that writing is indeed a gift from God for us to use for others!

  3. So true! There’s nothing like a few encouraging words to lift your spirit and put you on track once again. Thanks Shirley.

  4. Shirley, thank you for reminding us of the endless opportunities to help bring joy and hope into the lives of others. Beautiful post!

  5. Thanks to all who left comments. I read each one and am warmed. See, you have given me a gift!

    Love to all, Shirley

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