What Is Your Responsibility As A Critique Member?

Being part of a critique group is one of the best things you can do for your writing and the writing of others in the group.
What do you bring to the table in a critique group?

Are you honest but kind? It does not do any good to only praise a writer and not show them ways their manuscript can be improved. But, it does not help a writer to only say negative things about their work. Finding positive things will encourage your critique member to keep writing. Finding only negative things may discourage them so much that they quit writing.

Do you respect the time of your fellow critique members? When another member is sharing their work or information, especially if it is during a time allotted to them, be considerate and save comments about your own work for your allotted time.

Are you committed to your critique group? Attending your critique group only when you “want to” or only when you have something to have critiqued is not being a commmitted member. Being there for the other members is important, even if you have no manuscript to share.

Is your goal to see that the other critique members have the best manuscripts possible? It’s not just about you is a good thing to consider. Your goal should be to see that each member of the group develops a manuscript that is at its best.

If you are part of a critique group, you are very fortunate. Try and be the best member you can be!

Hoping I am a good critique member, Gloria


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