Listen Up

As we read the manuscripts along with the writer we’re careful to catch typos and make suggestions for improvement. We also make comments of sections well done or  what makes us laugh.

Studying for voice, setting, hook if it’s a beginning, dialogue, and all the other good things keeps our minds busy. But there’s one other thing that I find important as we critique after the reading, and that is to listen to the suggestions given by other writers. If I’m thinking about what I want to say I might miss some excellent points I’d never thought of.

When I listen carefully to these critiques of other’s work, I learn a lot that I can use in my own writing. Isn’t that part of what it’s all about?



One response to “Listen Up

  1. That’s an excellent point. Listen to what the other writers are saying to the person being critiqued — who know how we might apply their advice to our own stories and articles. Thanks, Shirley


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