Songs for the Heart

The Psalms of Scripture were originally written as songs. One meaning of the word “psalm” is a sacred song or poem used in worship. The Hebrew children sang the songs of ascent, (Psalm 120 to 124) as they journeyed to Jerusalem for their required three feast days. David sang as he played his harp, to soothe King Saul when the evil spirit tormented him. Looking at some of the early Psalms I wonder if some of those same words were sung to the king then, for sleep and rest. Many of our worship songs are also taken from the Psalms.

I like to start every day with a Psalm, for praise and comfort, and even direction. They are beautiful poetry, with or without music. What can compare with the 23rd Psalm for beauty, and perfect symbolism? Singing or reciting God’s Word—true poetry!



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