Why Bother Writing in Rhyme?

Although I write in rhyme, I do not profess to have it conquered. Often I will struggle with a line for days, sometimes weeks, trying to get it just right. Even after that, I take it to my critique group and let them help me hone it even more. Often times they see and hear things I miss.

So, since it does not come easily for me, why do I bother trying to write in rhyme? Because I think it is a fun way to tell a story. Children love rhyme! Which of these two appeals to you?

Ten little tiny rabbits
hopping down the row.
One rabbit wants to stop but
nine say, “No! Let’s go!”

Now read the story without rhyme.

Ten rabbits hopped down the row.
One rabbit said, “Let’s stop.” The other rabbits didn’t want to so they said, “No!”

Which do you think a child would prefer reading?

Note there are seven “beats” in the first and third line and five “beats” in the the second and fourth.

Here’s how it looks. I=hard beat, += soft


So, even if you struggle with writing rhyme as I do (you can’t imagine how many times I went over the few lines above!) it will be worth it when children delight in reading your story over and over!
Still learning about rhyme, Gloria


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