Poetry That Allows the Blind to “See”

Mary O’Neill’s poetry nearly takes my breath away.  In her book Adventures in Color: Hailstones and Halibut Bones, the descriptions of the spectrum of color allow the reader to truly “experience” color with all the senses.

Here’s an amazing fact—this book of poetry continues to be a favorite for those who are BLIND!  Mary’s magnificent poems allow the blind to “see” color, and has become a modern children’s classic. She has received hundreds of letters from blind children around the world.  Colleges, librarians, grade school and high school teachers continue to use Hailstones and Halibut Bones in their classrooms as an example of poetry perfection.

Do something nice for yourself, pick up the NEWER edition by Doubleday (1989) illustrated by the phenomenal John Walner. His illustrations are lavish and rich—then get ready to experience poetry as you’ve never experienced it before!

Sheryl (Sherri)


5 responses to “Poetry That Allows the Blind to “See”

  1. Amazing! I never knew this. I can’t wait to read this!

  2. Yes, this is an amazing book! Can you guess which color the author is referring to with her title? (o;

  3. This sounds fabulous, Sherri! What a unique and amazing idea! Maybe it would even “convert” me to poetry 🙂
    My guess for the color would be white or gray, but that’s probably too easy.
    Thanks for telling us about this.


  4. Sherri, I ditto what Nancy said. This sounds like a have-to-have book. Thanks!


  5. Sherri, thanks for introducing us to this enticing book. I’m going to hunt down a copy, curl up with a cup of tea, and experience some color.

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