(with apologies to poet Joyce Kilmer)


I think that I shall never write

A poem, free verse or rhyme.

Meter, pacing, iambic pentameter

Could I learn these skills, if I had the time?


The answer is a resounding NO!

These skills just escape me.

As you can tell from this poor effort,

When it come to poetry, I’m all at sea.


So please don’t judge me, dear friends

If you find this blog post trite.

Poetry is not my strong point,

But I didn’t know what else to write!


Marjorie Flathers 

 (Apologies also go to Sherri, who does this type of humorous rhyme so well… and to Marilyn, whose post on Tuesday was a hard act to follow!)


8 responses to “Poetry?

  1. Marjorie, YOU are unbelievably creative! I LOVED this FUN post. Don’t feel badly about poetry not being your strong point. Humor certainly is (not to mention the tight short stories you’re famous for!)

  2. Thanks so much, Sherri! I truly appreciate your comments. Glad you enjoyed the “poem.” It WAS fun to do!


  3. This was so cute, Marge! Gave me a fun chuckle. -Nancy

  4. Thanks, Nancy. Glad you enjoyed it! Marge

  5. I chuckle too, and understand why you wrote it. I had exactly the same feeling when I wrote my blog.


  6. Marjorie, how cute! But, you need not worry about your lack of poetry knowledge because you are so gifted in other areas of writing!!


  7. Thanks so much, Gloria!! That was so sweet of you! 🙂 Marge

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