Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

I love to write in rhyme! However, everywhere I go and everything I read says don’t send things in rhyme. Still, I see lots of books on the market that are rhyming books. What’s going on here? Do I believe what I hear or what I see? Both!

Rhyming books are some of the most difficult to write. I’m sure many editors have received rhyming books that make their ears hurt, like scratching across a blackboard (you do remember blackboards, right?)

Never, never try to write a rhyming books without studying how it is done. Read books on the market to get a feel for them. Read books about rhyming. Get a rhyming dictionary. I have several! Last of all, let your critique group or other writer friends help you hone it more. Right now I have a rhyming book being held for possible publication. Apparently they think rhyming books are still printable!

Don’t give up if you want to write in rhyme. Just be sure an editor is going to be delighted that you sent your manuscript instead of cringing (remember that blackboard).

Trying to rhyme right, Gloria


2 responses to “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

  1. I think all writers must meet with this odd statement by editors. Yet, kids LOVE rhymes. So, what’s to do? Thankfully, some editors are still with it, and some writers study to do it well. I’m sure you’re one of them.


  2. I do love to write in rhyme but I have a long way to go in being REALLY good at it but I AM trying!!


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