Write on a Dream

I decided to talk about where I would like to write on a dream vacation. I’ll start with Maui. I’ve never been there but my daughter told me about the fantastic sunsets they viewed out the second story of their condo last month. I would describe the vermilion and fuchsia blaze of color streaking across the often-present tropical storm clouds as the sun sinks into a turquoise sea. I would recreate the sharp fragrance of ginger blossoms beside a cascading waterfall. And, of course, the special lullaby of rolling waves caressing the white sand.

My cruise to Alaska is worth remembering once more. The feeling of mountain ranges rising sharply to the pristine atmosphere too astonishing to be real, and only a painted backdrop someone is playing a joke on us with. I would try to describe the welcome cup of hot chocolate drunk on the top deck of the ship as it rides anchor in Glacier Bay. M-m-m, I can smell that chocolate from here!

God loves color, fragrance and sound, too. We read about the new Jerusalem, how the foundations are laid with precious stones, and twelve gates, each of a single pearl. Even the streets are of pure, transparent gold. God’s throne is encircled by a rainbow resembling an emerald. The prayers of saints are like incense to our Lord, and the fragrance must delight Him continuously. Sounds—trumpets and thousands upon thousands of angels singing of the worthiness of the Lamb, to be followed by every creature in Heaven, earth, under the earth and on the sea, singing praises to Him.

Well, there’s my three dream vacations. Do you think we’ll write in Heaven? I doubt I can compete with the apostle John but I’d like to try.



3 responses to “Write on a Dream

  1. Shirley,

    This all sounds so dreamy and wonderful. And the amazing thing, too, is that it is so true! How blessed we are to enjoy these natural beauties; a glimpse of heaven.

    Thank you for reminding us with these lovely images.


  2. Thank you, Veronica.


  3. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, I have been blessed to go to Maui but your description of heaven makes the island pale in comparison!!


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