Knocking on Doors

This summer, my husband Jeff and I signed up to take an evangelism class at our church. Only this session isn’t just a book-reading class. This is a class where we get to go out each week after we study our lessons and knock on people’s doors in our community and share the Gospel with those who have an ear to hear.

It’s been an exciting new adventure for us. Our first night out, the woman my group spoke with accepted the free gift of salvation and prayed to trust Jesus and Jesus alone as the One who saves. Week after week after week we are witness to the amazing power and grace of the Holy Spirit and the Living God.

Now, of course, I’m not carrying a writing pad and pencil with me each week as we go out to knock on doors. But I am experiencing this journey with a writer’s heart. This means that I’m open and observant of countless details. I’m mentally jotting down notes so that when I go home, my writing will benefit.

Whether I’m writing middle grade fiction or a picture book, I plan to take the truths I’m witnessing and learning and apply them to my writing. I hope to continue sharing the Gospel with my readers as I knock on the doors of their hearts through the words I write.

-contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


3 responses to “Knocking on Doors

  1. Wow, Nancy, what a great time for you! I think every Christian would want that experience, but not all of us will take the time and be brave enough. When we think of all the unsaved, though, we should be more diligent. We–meaning me!


  2. It’s been such an amazing journey, Shirley! Every week we go out and so many people are eager to hear the Gospel and many, many people in our community accept Jesus as Lord–it’s been the most astounding experience of my life. I’m so eager to start using what I’m learning in my writing. -Nancy

  3. gloriastockstill

    Nancy, how awesome that God allowed you to share with someone who accepted the wonderful gift of salvation! A great gift for her AND you!


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