Wherever You Go

I’m grateful for modern technology because it enables me to write wherever I go. Of course, a pad of paper and a pencil or pen would do as well, but to me there is something about getting it all down in a “presentable” fashion. Then I can see what I wrote instead of the constant squinting and rotating of my paper to see what I actually scratched onto the page.

This summer I took my laptop with me on vacation. I had written two blog posts for my personal blog before we left for the desert, but I still needed one for my Friday post. I was able to type that up and then send it out from a WiFi hotspot.

I also had time to work a bit on my teachers’ guide for my upcoming book, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, that will be out next year.

Did all this work prevent me from enjoying my vacation? Absolutely not. There were times when my husband and children were swimming in the pool or were still asleep in the early morning, so I had a few opportunities to sit and type.

And I did remember to save everything onto my flash drive. I wouldn’t want all my efforts to disappear into the nether realms of cyberspace.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


4 responses to “Wherever You Go

  1. Catherine, I also appredciate technology. Like you, when I write with pen and paper, I sometimes can’t decipher what I’ve written because it’s in all directions on the paper and I can’t connect the dots!


  2. Shirley Shibley

    Catherine, I admire you for being right up front of the tech stuff. And your marketing skills must really please your editor. Those, along with your great writing are a great example and inspiration to us all.


  3. Guess what? I finally bit the bullet and got a laptop, too! I can hardly wait to take it places just like you’re doing. Do you have a carrying case that you particularly like? -Nancy

    • Catherine L. Osornio

      I bought a messenger bag at Walmart for about $20 that I use. My mother-in-law also sewed a little cloth dust cover for my husband and I as a little added protection for our laptops.

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