How Do You Spell Vacation?

OK—I found it. According to Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary “vacation” means:

  1. A respite or time of respite from something
  2. A scheduled period during which activity is suspended
  3. A period of exemption from work granted to an employee for rest and relaxation
  4. A period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation

Our Wordsmith blog theme for the month is “Where did you write during summer vacation?”

And there’s my problem. You see, during my two-day vacation I didn’t go near a computer, and only have a humorous incident jotted down in my goes-everywhere notebook. Taking at least that much vacation from writing was important since I’ve been going at it pretty strongly this past year. The brain can only function so long without some rest or it goes into freeze mode like an old computer.

I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy breathing, in fact more so because I don’t usually spend much time thinking about the latter. The respite time away from the qwerty keys as I have said, was important, but how much fun it was to get back to them.

God keeps giving me ideas for writing, and is opening doors here and there for me to use my writing, so I sure don’t want to slam them shut. I keep at it, studying markets and sending queries and proposals, contacting agents in hope of representation, and writing on current projects.

So where did I write when you were on vacation? Right here at home. My respite will come another time.

Shirley Shibley


One response to “How Do You Spell Vacation?

  1. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, it’s true. Sometimes getting completely away from a thing energizes you for when you return.


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