Just Do It!

One of the best tips about writing I’ve ever had is not really profound. But, it does guarantee a measure of success as a writer. The advice?
If you want to be a writer you have to WRITE! You have to write regularly.

Many people say they want to be writers but do everything else but write. They attend conferences about writing. They buy magazines about writing. They read books about writing but they never get around to writing!

It’s great to learn all you can about how to be write but one of the best ways to become an accomplished writer is to write! At some point you have to take all the things you’ve studied and apply them. No amount of learning can make up for simply sittting down and writing those words!

How much do you write? How often do you write? Like the Nike commercial says, Just do it!

Trying to JUST DO IT, Gloria


2 responses to “Just Do It!

  1. What good advice. I can think of a zillion things to do instead of sitting down at my writing desk. But when I “just do it,” I don’t want to stop. It’s that first step that’s hard to take — but it’s sure worth it.


  2. Marilyn, I can relate! I left the house a few days ago and went to a fast food place for a couple of hours. It was amazing what I got done. I think I may have to leave home again!


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