Live by the Writers’ Creed

I have the following writers’ creed on the first page of my blog:

When you’re learning—seek help.
When you’re published—pass it on.

I try to live by this advice as a writer. It’s sort of the pay-it-forward idea. Over the years, a number of authors and editors have guided and taught me (out of the goodness of their hearts) how to become a better writer. I’m so grateful they were willing to “pass it on,”  when I was seeking help!

As I continue to learn and grow from other experienced writers (that process should never end!),  I come across writers who are just beginning their journey or somewhere in the middle.  I consider the “pass it on” part of the writers’ creed to be a beautiful benefit and reward of being published. To me, it’s a joy to pass on what God has allowed me to learn and experience.

So, writers—let’s continue to “seek help” from each other and don’t forget to look for opportunities to “pass it on.” You’ll be blessed!



2 responses to “Live by the Writers’ Creed

  1. gloriastockstill

    Sherri, you have so much to give the beginning writer. I’m thankful you are so willing to share!


  2. My new mantra–I am still at the learning phase…

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