Speech Bubbles

I’m not an ardent comic book reader, nor am I a graphic novelist, but I do have a great appreciation for the artwork and stories that go into creating comics strips, comic books and graphic novels. The speech bubbles are an art form in themselves! Since this month’s topic is about dialogue, I thought it would be fun to sketch a few of my own.

Happy doodles!

contributed by Veronica Walsh, children’s book illustrator



4 responses to “Speech Bubbles

  1. So cute, Veronica…just like you!

  2. Ohh, Veronica, you sure brought a smile to my face today! How fun!

  3. Glad you enjoyed them! They’re fun to do.

  4. Shirley Shibley

    Yes, cute, Veronica. I mentally made descriptions to go along with the dialogue as I looked at them. I noticed that even the shape of the bubbles described feelings of the speaker. The center one balances the others by obviously being a dull girl or a bright girl on a dull moment. Or….

    Thanks for your uniqueness,

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