Put Sizzle In Your Manuscript

Dialogue is like icing on a cake. You can do without it but it surely makes the cake more palatable!

Dialogue can reveal location.

“How are ya’ll doing today?”

Dialogue can reveal learning.

“I ain’t never done nothin’ to you.”

Dialogue can reveal emotions.

“I love you!”

Dialogue can give description.

“The red roses growing around that dilapidated house give it a kind of beauty.”

Dialogue can add drama.

“If you don’t stop right now, I’m gonna tell Mama.”

Dialogue can reveal relationships.

“So, you’re Jason’s fiancé.”

You could TELL us all the things listed above. But, your manuscript will sizzle when you use the right dialogue to get your message across.

-Adding dialogue so my manuscript sizzles, Gloria


2 responses to “Put Sizzle In Your Manuscript

  1. Shirley Shibley

    Yes, Gloria, you put the advantages of dialogue perfectly and right to the point. No wonder your stories sparkle!

    Hoping to sizzle along,

  2. Shirley, you need not fear. Your stories definitely have SIZZLE!!!


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