Writing With Pictures

writing_w_picturesWriting With Pictures by Uri Shulevitz gives a thorough and enjoyable analysis on how to write and illustrate children’s books. With many illustrated examples, Mr. Shulevitz discusses the basic principles that contribute to a dynamic children’s book.

The book starts with the definitions for story book and picture book, then from there leads into how to develop a story, and, how to visually sequence the story. It also discusses the role of illustration and the techniques used to illuminate words with pictures.

The last part of the book includes info about preparing art for reproduction and reproduction techniques. Although there is lots of useful information in this section, printing technology has affected reproduction techniques quite a bit since 1985, when this book was first published. (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York)

All in all, this book is invaluable for the visual thinker who aspires to write stories for children. It studies many elements that go into telling a story and creating a children’s book. It also has an orderly progression that leads the reader step by step. It’s a great book to keep on hand and is a reminder of the basic principles that contribute to an enjoyable book for children.

contributed by VeronicaWalsh, children’s book illustrator


2 responses to “Writing With Pictures

  1. Veronica, I like it when you mention the “visual thinker.” I believe that applies to writers as well as artists. Thinking visually is a must for creative people.


  2. Veronica, I love this book, too! It’s a great gift to give to a favorite illustrator in your life. -Nancy

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