Using The Right Words

A book I have found great for the children’s writer is, Children’s Writer’s Word Book by Alijandra Mogilner.

There is an alphabetical list of words that indicate the grade level for that particular word. For example, if you’re writing for third graders and question if they will know the word you are using, this book can help you know if it is the right word or if you need to change it,

A thesaurus is also included just in case you feel a particular word is not just right.

This tool will make your job easier and guarantee you are not rejected because you have not used appropriate words for the age group for which you write.

Striving to use the right words, Gloria


4 responses to “Using The Right Words

  1. Thanks, Gloria, for the reminder to choose our words carefully!


  2. Marilyn, in your writing, I find you are never at a loss for the right word!


  3. alijandra Mogilner

    Thank you for the kind world on my Word Book. I would like to add a couple of comments that may help. First, if you have eithere edition beyond the actual word lists. I and my daughter Tayopa have done a great deal of work discovering optimum word lenths for sentences, what they cover in different grades and such.

    Second, there is a new edition of the book authored with Tayopa. That book adds national standads and benchmarks and updates when some words are introduced. In the ten years between the two weitions some technical words deropped a grade.

    I don’t believe in changing a few words and calling a book a new edition. Tayopa and I spent over a year making substantial changes in the book. I hope either book helps each of you achieve your dream.


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