Many Books

“Of the making of many books there is no end.” (Ecc. 12:12)

What books do I use for writing? Since I am so diverse—scattered is more descriptive—I have several kinds. First there are the ones that apply to all: Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Random House Thesaurus, Errors in English, Shaw, Elements of Style, Strunk and White, Writer’s Reference, Hacker, 3rd edition, and my favorite, Nancy I. Sanders’ book, Yes! You Can Learn How To Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a $uccessful Writing Career. I also use the original Anyone Can Get Published–You Can, Too! that was her trial book that I was privileged to be one of the first to participate in using as she wrote it.

Then there are the category books. Most important are the ones used in writing my Bible studies or devotionals. I have four Bible translations plus an Amplified Bible, Young’s Concordance, Greek-English New Testament, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, and a Christian Writer’s Manual of Style.

I have books on writing for children, which I’ll let the other bloggers list, and books that center on character writing, plot structure, and other books that I take out from time to time. Magazines on writing from the library and some favorite novels that I refresh writing techniques from fill out my shelves.

Of course there are the writer’s market books. For children, Christian, plus the biggie that includes them all. Yes, I use them all, but probably not enough!

Shirley Shibley


2 responses to “Many Books

  1. Thanks for the information about the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. I didn’t know about that one!


  2. Shirley, no wonder your writing is so good. You’ve made quite an investment in books that help you become the best you can be!


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