Soldiers in God’s Army

One of the monumental books that has changed me as a writer is Todd A. Stone’s Novelist’s Boot Camp: 100 Ways to Take Your Book from Boring to Bestseller.

It’s the perfect training we need as God’s soldiers to write the book He is calling us to write. Even though it’s written for writers of novels in the adult market, the skills I’m learning from reading it and rereading it are helping me write middle-grade novels, fiction magazine articles, and even nonfiction books with real-life 3-D characters that grab the interest of even reluctant readers.

It starts out with: Writers, Attennnnn-tion! We’re then given drills to do, strategic missions to plan, and target practice to accomplish, all while being reminded that there’s no sniveling allowed! Each section is short and concise with amazing practical application and clear instructions throughout.

Using this book as a guide, I can already feel my writing is tighter, stronger, and getting in shape. I recommend it for every writer I know.


2 responses to “Soldiers in God’s Army

  1. This sounds great, Nancy!


  2. Nancy, I’m getting a copy of this book!


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