Writing Tomorrow’s History Today

I know this is about historical fiction but I wanted us to consider that we are writing tomorrow’s history today.

Fifty years or more from now our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or great-great grandchildren may find one of our books tucked away in a chest in the attic. As they pick up the book, dust it off, and begin to read, what will they read? Will they be encouraged? Made better? Learn things that will help them? Be enlightened?

Whatever we write about, past eras or the present, we need to make sure it is something that will make the person who reads it better.

Hoping to make others better by what I write, Gloria


One response to “Writing Tomorrow’s History Today

  1. Shirley Shibley

    A good thought, Gloria. And we should be writing those journals that people will study to see the thoughts of these famous people!


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