Historical Fiction Acrostic

History comes alive for young readers
True to historical facts
Original twist on age-old topics
Research needed for background information
Imagine all the potential stories to write!
Characters both real and fictitious interact with each other
Appeals to even reluctant readers
Lord, please help us honor You through the words we write

Fun-filled and action-packed
Instills a new love for history in children
Creative writing at its best
Terrific opportunities to break into print
Inspirational stories of actual heroes and real life role models
Oh God, please help us always present a biblical worldview
New ways to reach the lost for Christ

-Contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


4 responses to “Historical Fiction Acrostic

  1. Nancy, great acrostic!!


  2. Shirley Shibley

    Nancy, I’m sure this was fun for you to write. It was certainly fun to read, and full of teaching.


  3. Now that was really clever — and fun to read, too.


  4. LOVE this!!!

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