Historically Speaking

Okay…I’m one of the rare ones. I actually liked history. When I wasn’t reading mysteries, I was checking out the biographies from my school library. I read about Helen Keller, George Pullman, Benjamin Franklin, Allan Pinkerton, and, of course, George Washington.


What has this to do with historical fiction? Quite a bit actually. Those early introductions into various moments of history helped create a love and admiration for stories that had true events in the background, while still creating a make-believe adventure. And when I get a chance, I like to use historical information in the backdrop of my own projects.


Historical fiction makes history enjoyable. Why not give this type of genre a try? You may help stir a child’s curiosity into the events of yesteryear.


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


One response to “Historically Speaking

  1. Catherine, I needed someone like YOU to teach history in Jr. High and High School! YOU would have made history enjoyable.

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