Writing And Breathing

There are many reasons to write. Not all of them are necessarily for publication.

Should a person bother to write if only a few people read what they write? What if no one ever sees the words? Why labor to put onto paper words if only limited people will see them?

To a writer, writing is like breathing. Like breathing, it can be labored. At other times it flows effortlessly. Either way, it must be done in order to live.

Maybe you write in order to expel pain and frustration. Maybe it’s to chart a path for your children and grandchildren. Perhaps you write in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes you did. Or, perhaps write to help the family income.

Whatever the reason for writing, there is a bond between all of us who do it . . . who love it like we love breathing.

We are a community, a family, united in desire to put down on paper our thoughts, feelings, dreams. Whether anyone reads those words is really irrelvant, even though we may hope they will. The important thing for our family of writers is that we have done it and done it well.

Thankful to be part of the family of writers, Gloria


4 responses to “Writing And Breathing

  1. Thanks, Gloria. I wrote a similar post just last week on my blog. I hope you’ll drop in to visit at http://jeanmatthewhallwords.blogspot.com/2009/03/100-things-act-3.html.


  2. Jean, read your post. It was great!


  3. Shirley Shibley

    Gloria, you described a writer so beautifully! I’ve often wondered what I would do without writing. Golf, bingo, bridge, clubs, a hundred other activities simply pale in comparison to getting that newest inspiration down in black and white. And the fulfillment of doing a job well–ah, it can’t be beat!

    Thanks for expressing it.

  4. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, how true that other things pale incomparison. I can’t see myself spending my days playing bridge!! Glad you, a gifted writer, don’t see yourself that way, either!


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