The Best of Times, or the Worst of Times?

Sometimes when we look back on the tough parts of life we can see the picture a lot more clearly than when we were in the middle of “stuff.” Knowing that God sees the big picture of our lives in minute detail from beginning to end is a tremendous comfort to us, especially as we realize He has had His hand on us the whole time. There are things we have to forget so we can move forward, but things we must remember, too.

As we write, one thing to remember is what we owe God, but also what we owe our readers. I know we’re all agreed we don’t ever want to slide into the slippery slope of slime just to make money. Can we reflect our Lord even if we aren’t writing about Him? Absolutely! Philippians 4:8 gives us a list of things to think about, including “pure” and “lovely.” When we write about pure and lovely things our readers will be thinking about them, too, instead of “gruesome” and “nasty.” A worthy calling, don’t you think?

Submitted by Shirley Shibley


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