A Little Sunshine

Hooray! Writer’s potpourri month and I can write anything I want. So…what do I want? How about finding my first sweet pea blooming this morning? As I write this blog, the day is blooming with vitamin D. Though I enjoyed the rainy days, walking out into the sunshine today, seeing that gorgeous blue sky and the signs of spring popping up was like eating a giant chocolate candy bar and washing it down with raspberry iced tea. Better even, because it was calorie-free. I have two happy daffodils that had burst forth in the rain, ahead of their brothers and sisters, as happy to see the sunshine as the gal that planted them several inches shallower than I was supposed to. And that little sweet pea bud showing its color—pink, of course, like the first ones always are for some reason. But who cares about the color?

This weather may well be the calm before the next storm, and how blessed we are to have these sunny days in between storms. Like life. God gives us periods of rest between the chaos and havoc we encounter along our journey, and when we take time to reflect and thank Him for these times of beauty we remember He was with us through all the storms, preparing for us the more beautiful days like now, and strengthening us for whatever storms lie ahead.

Yes, we are indeed blessed!


2 responses to “A Little Sunshine

  1. Aren’t gardens fun! Yours sounds like it brings you as much pleasure as mine does. I’m excited too to see the bulbs I planted five months ago showing their colorful little faces.

  2. Shirley, I went into the garden this morning and found a clump of yellow freesias blooming. After reading your blog, I stopped and took time to look around at all the signs of new life that March brings. Thank you for giving me a push in the right direction.


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