Why Picture Books?

Why would anyone want to write a picture book?

Picture books are usually the child’s introduction into the the world of books. What an honor it would be to write a picture book that would be the catalyst for a life long love of reading and learning.

Words and pictures meld together to draw a child into new and exciting worlds. Their imaginations can soar. A child can be anything, do anything, go anywhere as they sit and listen to a picture book being read.

Books can bond reader and child. How many times I have delighted in reading, first to my children, and now my grandchildren. Wonderful experiences! I would be thrilled if a picture book I had written strengthened the bond between children and their parents or grandparents.

As you consider writing a picture book, think of all the wonderful results that can come from those 28 pages. Who knows. Perhaps a child could read your book and it would develop in them a hunger for the written word. As a result, he/she would decide to become a writer, too!

Thankful for picture books and picture book writers, Gloria


4 responses to “Why Picture Books?

  1. Me, too!

    I’m 60 years old and still enamoured with beautiful picture books. I’m praying to see my name on the cover of several — one of these days.

  2. gloriastockstill

    Jean, I pray your dream of seeing your name on the cover of a picture book comes true!!!


  3. Gloria, you stated the perfect reasons why there are picture books and picture book writers. May you and Jean both be blessed with your dreams coming true.


  4. Shirley, thanks and thank you for all your encouragement!


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