The Wrong Kind of Target Practice!

Hi Everyone,


I’m sorry I have nothing to post today.  We had a brief but freaky thunderstorm here in Highland very early Monday morning (around 2:00 a.m.) and lightning struck the transformer on an electric pole behind our house (talk about hitting a target!)  We were without electricity for 18 hours, and when that was finally fixed by the Edison Co., we discovered the lightning had also damaged the circuit board for our heater.  The heater is being taken care of today, but I am SO COLD from being without heat since early Monday morning, but of course, nothing like people in other parts of the country are suffering.  We here in SoCal are definitely spoiled. However, my fingers are too frozen and my brain is too maxed-out from the cost of the replacement heater ($$$$) for me to be able to think and write anything coherent.  Until next time…     Marge




4 responses to “The Wrong Kind of Target Practice!

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Marge, you may not have posted about being on target with publishers but you surely did hold my interest as you told your story! Sorry about the $$$$. But, I’m glad your problem is being solved.

    Wrap up in lots of blankets and read a good book!


  2. Wow, Marge, what a week you’ve had! I pray God will supply all your needs…and warmth! Hugs, Nancy

  3. Thanks, Nancy and Gloria, for your good wishes. Things are finally getting back to “normal,” I think 🙂 And Gloria, that’s exactly what I did do part of the time…curled up under multiple afghans with a good book!

  4. Shirley Shibley

    I’m so sorry for your stormy experience, Marge! Maybe it will lead you to write a devotion or other story about it some day. And yes, when we go through something like that we can really feel for others who have it even worse.


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