Research Buddy

An Illustrator’s Perspective

By now, you have probably noticed a common theme on the topic of targeting a publisher: research, research, and research a publisher to make sure they are an appropriate choice for your manuscript.


For an illustrator the advice is the same. I’m finding, though, that some publishers don’t have submission guidelines for illustrators posted on their website. A good companion to internet research is a writer’s and illustrator’s market guide. There are few out there. (Perhaps our readers could mention their favorites through comments.) One such directory is The Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, by Alice Pope, published by F+W Media.


This annual directory gives basic information about the types of books published by each house. It offers tips which may include the publisher’s mission statement, what sort of illustrations they are currently seeking, and how samples should be formatted and sent. This type of book is a good tool to have and will help you to determine if a publisher is the right fit for your artwork.


Happy New Year and Happy Research! 


contributed by Veronica Walsh
children’s book illustrator


One response to “Research Buddy

  1. Veronica, this is one of my favorite books as a writer–I’m glad it’s so helpful to illustrators, too!

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