New Year…New Thinking

I tend to be one of those “inspiration” writers. I come up with an idea. Then I spend days, maybe months writing and fine-tuning my story. Then I send it out. I was inspired to write the material. Surely, there is a publisher out there who will salivate when they read my manuscript, right? Not necessarily.

Getting published has always been a challenge. Today it is more so. Our chances of seeing our work in print diminishes if we only do inspiration type writing. I’m not saying don’t do  inspiration writing. Just add targeted writing to your agenda.

To see our work in print, we need to spend time and effort to search out those publishers who publish the kind of material we like to write. We need to study their books or magazines. Studying is not the same as reading. Ask questions as you read.

Do they like humor?

Are they more fact based without the “trimmings”?

What have they published in the last few years?

Do I see a hole in their publication that I can fill?

Do I feel my writing style will fit theirs? If not, can I adjust my style to fit theirs?

Am I capable of effectively writing for the age group they represent?

Targeting a publisher is not natural to me. It is a lesson I am learning. I have committed myself to doing more of it in 2009. Wouldn’t it be awesome if , at the end of this year, we were able to see our work published, even if it is not those “inspired” manuscripts? Join me this year in some “target practice.” Let’s see what happens!

Looking forward to targeting a publisher in 2009, Gloria


2 responses to “New Year…New Thinking

  1. I’ll join you in the target practice. Keep on studying!

  2. gloriastockstill

    Veronica, glad you’re coming along. It’s always more fun when you have a companion!


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