Master Archer

The slush pile is a teetering tower

from the ceiling to the floor.

And editors at Bug Publishing hope

they’ll find what they’re looking for.

But alas, they know the cruel truth

that leaves them in a fog.

Hundreds of authors who send their work

don’t study the catalog!

The guidelines make it oh, so clear.

They need books about nothing but bugs!

But submissions tell of other things

like peat moss, or Persian rugs!

The bleary-eyed editors never stop reading.

They chew pencils and whisper a prayer.

“If only they’d target our publishing house.

This wastes time and we’re losing our hair!”

Like mining for gold, they never give up.

Some get pimples or a nervous rash.

And stories that come without a SASE

go into the round-file (trash).

But now and then, their hearts stand still.

A moment of silence…please.

Then the office erupts in squeals and shouts!

“She wrote about beetles…CHINESE!”

“The story is perfect! The facts are correct.

It’s funny and the writing is tight.

And best of all, she wrote about BUGS!

Oh, glory! Someone got it right!”

“She’s right on target…a Master Archer.

A writer who knows we love bugs!

Let’s give her a series! We’ll send her some flowers!”

Then they toast with their cold coffee mugs.


“Here’s to writers who study our work!

Here’s to the precious few.

And may authors read Nancy Sanders next book.

She’ll teach them a thing or to!”

So, aim your writing and pull back that bow.

Study the target…DON’T QUIT!

When your writing matches a publishers needs,

a bull’s-eye is something you’ll hit!

With gratefulness to Nancy Sanders our Wordsmiths Master Archer and target practice teacher!

Sheryl Crawford


4 responses to “Master Archer

  1. Sherri—This is the PERFECT follow-up to what I posted on Thurs….and SO much more entertaining!! Great job!

  2. Shirley Shibley

    Sherri–I love this! Nice to be reminded from the editor’s viewpoint, and in such a delightful way. I agree on our target practice teacher. Always the classy and helpful pro.


  3. Sherri, you had me laughing in stitches again! Truly God has gifted you with a talent to write in rhyme. And thanks for the kudos!!!! -Nancy

  4. Sherri,
    This is so fun to read! You always make me smile. I hope you send this to a writer’s newsletter or magazine for publication.

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