Target Practice

Dear Cupid,

I need your help. You see, I’m head over heels about a certain publisher. I really loooove their books and have several in my collection. In my opinion, they are the pinnacle of creativity, beauty and perfection. I’d give my right arm, no wait, I need that one to draw– my left arm, if they’d just glance my way. Am I helplessly love-struck or what?

All my girlfriends tell me I should study this publisher like I’m studying for a college exam. So, I’ve gone to the library and checked out stacks of their books, drooled over their catalog, and have discovered even more about them on their website. After all this exploration I have determined that, “Yes, I am this publisher’s type.” Jeepers, I even have a packet of art samples ready to mail; all I need to do is take careful aim and shoot!

Well, I don’t want to miss! I figure with all the arrow shooting you do you might know a thing or two about targeting a publisher, and most importantly, hitting the mark. If you could help me out, I’d be much obliged.

In the mean time, (sigh) I’ll continue to be…

Smitten, bitten, but not yet hittin’

contributed by Veronica Walsh, children’s book illustrator


6 responses to “Target Practice

  1. Very, very cute, Veronica, and so original. Hope Cupid’s arrow hits the mark soon!
    Maybe Valentine’s Day?? 🙂

  2. Shirley Shibley

    Oh, Veronica, what a wonderful piece you did on this tough topic!

    I feel helpless, hopeless and hapless to try to come up with anything new. When it comes to my day at the blog I think I’ll just say “check the other gals.”

    Right on target, girl!


  3. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Veronica, how creative!!
    Hope the arrow hits its target.


  4. Thanks girls! We’ll shine in 2009! Let’s all hit a bullseye this year!

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