The Good News and the Bad News

A group I am part of suggested we write a book in a month. I took the challenge. I decided on an alphabet book.

I went to the library and read every alphabet book they had.

I went online to and looked at all their listed alphabet books. I read excerpts from their “Look inside the book” program.

I chose a few publishers and then checked their website catalog and  guidelines. I finally chose one publisher I wanted to target.

I ordered several of their alphabet books (used) and read them through. I  also noticed a particular idea had not been covered. I chose to write about that.  

I sent a query letter to the company suggesting my idea for an alphabet book. I even wrote a few of the alphabet sections so they could see my style.

They emailed me back and asked for more! I was elated. I sent in a few more sections.

Then I waited…and waited…and waited.

I am still waiting. I have assumed they are not interested in my idea. Was I discouraged? You bet! But, I was also encouraged. They liked my work enough to ask for more. Perhaps next time I’ll get a more positive response.

Keep targeting those publishers. Never lose hope!

Not giving up, Gloria


2 responses to “The Good News and the Bad News

  1. Shirley Shibley

    You got farther than I did, Gloria, with that particular editor, and with a lot more work which I’m sure will give you the experience for a next time.

    Keep trying!


  2. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Shirley, thanks for the encouragement! Only another writer would understand!!


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