Target a Picture Book Publisher

Targeting a picture book publisher is a great adventure!

When I first started writing, I used to just write a picture book manuscript about any idea I felt like at the time. Then, when it was finished, I tried sending the manuscript on its round of potential publishers. A stream of rejections letters followed.

Now I’ve learned a better way. Before I ever write the first word of a new picture book manuscript, first I find a publisher I want to target. Then I study their product line. Then I pray about deciding on an idea that would fit their product line like a glove. Then, and only then, do I actually sit down to write.

If you’d like to learn a step-by-step method of targeting a picture book publisher, visit my blog at Blogzone. and follow the posts I wrote during the month of March, 2008. During that month, for the Book in a Month Club that I host, I decided to write a picture book and explain how this process works. I invite you to join in on the fun and try these steps yourself.

The results? I finished writing the manuscript and submitted it to my target publisher. Within a week, I heard back from them that they were interested in my manuscript and wanted to keep it for consideration. I was so jazzed! And even if that particular publisher never publishes my book, I know I caught their interest because of first taking careful aim!

Contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


3 responses to “Target a Picture Book Publisher

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Nancy, I am going to try and do that this year. Hopefully, it will increase my chances of publication.


  2. Great, Gloria! I’m praying you’ll hit your target right on the mark.

  3. Shirley Shibley

    What a great example for us to follow! Now, if I can just keep from getting those crazy ideas that I like to write down.

    Not on target, Shirley

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